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Denizens of light, answer this: why do you hate the darkness?

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[ Series ] Kingdom Hearts
[ Name ] Xemnas
[ Element ] Nothingness and Darkness
[ Student] Fourth year
[ Age ] 22
[ House ] Shiva

[ Appearance ] Xemnas usually dresses rather conservative preferring semi formal clothing more than anything. His choice of colors would be shades only, such as black, white, and greys. His hair is lengthy layered, much like his youngest brother and has a silver blue tint, hereditary as it is. Tall and lean, Xemnas makes sure he is always in perfect health and anyone would find that he is quite fit as well. His brightly lit yellow-orange eyes and stern features make him seem stoic, and he always seems to be scolding something.

[ Personality ] On a first glance, anyone would see Xemnas as an antisocial type. That could be far from the truth since Xemnas possesses a certain charm about him. His voice is demanding, fluent and elegant, usually invoking a sort of dominance over anyone that he speaks to. This links greatly into his personality. Xemnas is the type of person who wants to understand and control everything around him. His curiosity and vast intelligence as made him pompous and selfish. He is calculating as he is devious. His manipulative personality has grown into a near godlike complex, as he is greedy to become superior to any other. On most occasions, Xemnas seems completely emotionless, losing the feeling of such things a long time ago. He may become melodramatic but his overall hollowness has made him completely remorseless as well. If something gets in his way he will go through all lengths to remove it. It may seem like there is hardly anything pleasant to Xemnas, but he masks all his bitterness, sorrow and anger behind a calm face and an elegant smirk.
[ History ] Growing up as the eldest of three brothers, Xemnas was quickly given the responsibly to take care of all the tasks befitting of an eldest heir. His family was one of the largest known in the country, a family prestigious for their pharmaceutical and scientific studies on the human heart. Fortunate enough to be oldest by a mere few minutes, Xemnas grew up in the role of leader fairly quickly. He had a tendency to spoil his younger brothers, giving them anything they usually asked for but never allowed them to best him in anything. He grew up with the best of education and skills that his family could offer.

When it came time for he and his brothers to begin studying science under Ansem the Wise, all three of them seems to take an instant liking to it much to their mother’s happiness. It was then that Xemnas realized how important it was to have every single piece of knowledge available to him. As he continued to grow and fuel his need for intelligence, Xemnas soon realized that the studies that he and his brothers partook in was much more indulgent than they first realized. He began wondering what the final result of all this testing would result in and the true meaning to the study of the heart.

His view on all of his expectancies must have gotten obscured somewhere along the way of his life. Soon he started to think that a heart could only be moulded on the passions of hate, malice and anger. This must have been fed on the endless expectations of his family or even the mere thought that his younger brothers both had their own individual views on the heart. He had to be different, had to strive to put his opinion ahead of his brothers and had to make it as different from theirs as he could, despite always helping them along with their own work.

When they enrolled in Dusk Academy upon being old enough, Xemnas created The Organization XIII as a means to have hands, minds and eyes all over the school. With the help of a few childhood friends (That most definitely saw his decent into slow madness.) Xemnas created one of the most powerful groups in the entire area. One in which he had a stern hand on, and uses in order to constantly try and find the answer to his endless questions.

[ Other ] Xemnas uses dual aerial blades as well as a plethora of Nothingness elemental magic. He is devastatingly talented with both, so much as his associates are often afraid of his powers (Save for a few, of course.). Xemnas is also one of the leading students in the school, high ranked and on the honour roll for best in academics and achievements. We cannot wait to be finished school and out to take over his family companies. Even if he‘s got a superiority complex, Xemnas does keep close care of his brothers and the members of Organization XIII and if they are in need of something he pulls strings to get it. Xemnas also has a fondness for classical piano.

[ Mun ] Mich
[ Age ] 18
[ Livejournal ] michrure
[ AIM ] Rehcim
[ Email ] Michrure@hotmail.com
[ Game ] dusk_academy
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1. Gym/Sex Ed. 1. Gym/Sex Ed. 1. Gym/Sex Ed. 1. Gym/Sex Ed. 1. Gym/Sex Ed.
2. Advance Calculus 2. Life Science 2. Astronomy 2. Magical History 2. Elemental [Darkness] Class
3. Physics 3. Earth Science 3. Advance Calculus 3. Earth Science 3. Life Science
4. Advance Computers 4. Advance Calculus 4. Magical History 4. Life Science 4. Advance Computers
5. Earth Science 5. World History 5. Physics 5. Bio Science 5. Earth Science
6. Magical History 6. FREE 6. Elemental [Darkness] Class 6. Sword Play Class 6. Bio Science
7. World History 7. Elemental [Darkness] Class 7.World History 7. Elemental [Darkness] Class 7. Sword Play Class